MyBudget for Series 60

MyBudget for Series 60

Take control of your finances with this handy tool

MyBudget puts you in control of your personal finances. Whether your goal is to reduce debt, save money, or just understand where your money goes, MyBudget can be an invaluable aid.

With MyBudget, you record your expenditures quickly and easily, as you make them. You can track the amount, category, and store where each dollar was spent, then compare spending to your personal monthly budget for that category. MyBudget even includes an easy to use Debt Reduction wizard, designed to help strategize how to get rid of credit card and other personal debt!

You can add as many Categories, Stores and Expenditures as you wish, all in a fast and easy to use interface. If you've ever found yourself facing an end-of-the-month cash crunch, or have found that you just can't save the way you want to, you owe it to yourself to give MyBudget a try!

MyBudget is now available with a Windows desktop companion, L3's WinSynch Console for MyBudget. The WinSynch Console provides these exciting features:

  • Two-Way synchronization merges records entered on your PDA and the desktop
  • Cross-platform support: for Palm, SE P800, and Symbian OS versions of the application
  • Easy Explorer-style navigation
  • Full featured, friendly and fast Windows interface
  • Multiple data views, with useful sorts and summaries
  • Complete data maintenance support
  • Automatic backup of both PDA and Windows databases
  • Online help
  • Export to Excel and text files

A powerful and comprehensive budgeting tool for your Nokia Series 60 phone.

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MyBudget for Series 60


MyBudget for Series 60